Dogsledding In Northern Wisconsin

Dogsledding has been a family affair for writer Julie Buckles. She and her husband Charly Ray caught the bug when they first moved to northern Wisconsin. She has raced with her daughter Caroline in the annual Apostle Islands Sled Dog race.

SAAF 21: The New Year

On this New Year’s Greg is feeling down, but with the help of Tina and Rose he is reminded of the love and happiness that comes with spending time with family.   

Homegrown Cookware

Cookware today is mostly mass produced overseas and cheap. But it wasn’t always this way. Pots and pans used to be locally made and made to last. Sara Dahmen discovered her passion for old cookware and has devoted herself to bringing this old art back to Wisconsin.

Frozen Assets

It was a crop that required no seeds. No one had to turn over a single furrow of earth or pull a solitary weed. Year after year, it was simply there, available to anyone with the right equipment, and it began to grow again the minute the harvest was done.

See Me

Most days, I wake up and I’m just me, Jan…  a wife with a loving husband, a mom with three kids who alternately drive me crazy and supply the great joys in life, a teacher who prays daily that my passion for journalism will penetrate deep into my students’ psyches.


Zachary Zimmermann loves to beatbox. He learned how as a kid and now in college, he’s using his talents as a vocal percussionist in a campus a capella group. “When I was in fourth grade,” says Zimmerman, “my camp counselor, who could beatbox, and he showed it to us.

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