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By MG21 High School Students | June 7, 2019

  • MG21 junior Kendra Gillingham with WPR's stuffed dog in the station muci library during a field trip. (Jenny Peek/WPR)

MG21 junior Kendra Gillingham with WPR's stuffed dog in the station muci library during a field trip. (Jenny Peek/WPR)

Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School junior Kendra Gillingham works two jobs. That’s 40 hours a week plus high school full-time. One of the places is with her dream job: at a coffee shop. But work isn’t always easy. She’s created a list of dos and don’ts for customers to make things easier on the workers.



Ok. So I work as a barista. Cool, huh? I make alllll of  Sharon’s children their vanilla bean fraps, when you bring the entire soccer team to the store, I’m the one who gets to deal with making 10 large pink drinks. But hey. I’m a bitter, jaded barista and I’m here to spill the tea. Not just on customers, no. My fellow partners got stuff they need to fix. So lemme tell you the dos and don’t of being in, near, or on the property of my store.

Customer Dos

  • Please, tell me the exact recipe of your drink. I do not know how to make ‘your’ drink. I see so many customers a shift, I have the memory span of a jar of pickles. You’re not so special that I’ll remember your drink out of the hundreds I make. It’ll be better for everyone if you take the three extra seconds to tell me.
  • Pick up after yourself. The garbage can is right there for you to put your empty cups in, don’t leave them on the table. Nasty.
  • Ask for room for cream in your coffee. If you dump it into the garbage, it’ll melt the bag and some poor barista will have to drag a leaking bag full of who knows what all the way to the garbage can in the back.
  • Know what you want before you get in line. If you take a little while longer when there isn’t many people in line, that’s ok. I’m glad to help you or recommend drinks to you. But when you come in during peak rush hour and we have a line all the way down the hall, it’s an issue.
  • If you don’t drink dairy, tell me right away. Don’t tell me you’d like coconut milk as the person on bar is starting to steam your milk.

And The Don’ts

  • Don’t let your children touch the merch display! Or play with mugs. Those shiny little mugs are all like $20 a piece.
  • You wait for the drinks at the END of the line. EEEEENNNND. Please don’t wait right in the middle near the espresso machine. Oh my god.

Hear from more MG21 students throughout the year on “Wisconsin Life” and on the special, “Classroom Frequency: Student Voices From Wisconsin.”

MG21 High School Students

During the 2018-2019 school year, Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School, or MG21, high school students created radio pieces for Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Wisconsin Life.” The final stories were featured on the radio and online through the “Classroom Frequency: Student Voices From Wisconsin” project.
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