Literacy In Wisconsin: Renee Learned Computer Skills That Landed Her A Job

By Erika Janik | February 8, 2016


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Renee had fallen on hard times when her longtime friend Rick stepped in to offer his support. Curiosity brought them into the Literacy Network in Madison.

“I live right across the street so I knew the place was here but I didn’t know what they offered,” says Renee. “I thought maybe it was just a place where you go to learn English.”

To her surprise, Renee discovered they offered individualized support for all kinds of goals, including her own.

“My goals were to increase my typing speed, update my computer skills, and update my resume,” says Renee.

Through classes and hard work, Renee got the skills she needed to land a job.

“This is like a dream job for her,” says Rick. “It’s just amazing how far she has come.”

Rick continues to check in on her, as he has for years. Renee and Rick first met in high school. They stayed in touch throughout the years even as their lives diverged. Rick went to college and on to successful career in real estate while Renee struggled with substance abuse. Rick encouraged Renee to move forward with her life.

“Rick’s been very helpful and encouraging my whole life, even through the ups and downs,” says Renee.

“I told her that she was better than that, that she could do this,” says Rick.

Both Renee and Rick are grateful for services geared toward adults.

“There are a lot of people that are older and that for various reasons, just need a little help to go forward,” says Renee. “It feels good that society hasn’t given up on you. Coming here has boosted me and helped make me feel like I could do something again.”

Find a literacy program near you here.

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