The DeSanto Family Likes To Clown Around… For A Living

by Zac Schultz
| November 5, 2015

Greg and Karen DeSanto met and fell in love while performing as circus clowns.  They spent years following the show from town to town, but when Karen was pregnant with their daughter Emily they decided to settle down.  They chose Baraboo because it was home to the Circus World Museum, where they could continue their craft and live a normal lifestyle-for a clown anyway.

After years of showing no interest in the family business, Emily has donned her own make up and personality and now performs as a clown in venues across the country, all while being an active high school student.  It makes for interesting conversations when friends come over to visit, but the DeSanto’s can’t imagine doing it any other way.

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Zac Schultz is a reporter for the "Wisconsin Life" project who thinks three-minute stories and one-line bio descriptions are woefully brief.