Ryan Ward

Ryan Ward is a videographer and editor for the "Wisconsin Life" project and can rest easy after he finally found the perfect jar of homemade dill pickles at the farmer's market in Madison. ... just like his Grandma Shirley use to make!

Stories from Ryan Ward

October 13, 2016

For the last three years, Anita Peterson has been obsessed with steampunk. She makes her own outfits and accessories and holds steampunk themed parties. All done in the small town of Lodi, WI.

Silver Coin Arcade
September 22, 2016

Bradley Czech collects and restores classic arcade games in Green Bay. He has around 200 games in his collection. He has also turned his collection over to local museums with an exhibit titled "The Golden Age of Video Arcade Games".

Wheelchair Basketball
September 22, 2016

Some might see wheelchair basketball and call it inspirational. For this UW-Whitewater female wheelchair basketball player, that's the last thing she wants. For her, it’s just another day on the court.

High school pep band
November 24, 2016

Burlington High School band Orange Crush is giving sports fans something to rock out to during half-time.

Star Wars scout trooper
November 12, 2015

Star War enthusiasts dress in character while pursuing charitable opportunities.

Comic book illustration
October 8, 2015

Jeff Butler has spent most of his life drawing and reading comic books.

March 18, 2015

Flat-track roller derby has become a phenomenon in recent years. Invented in the 1920s, it has evolved into a predominately female sport drawing women from a variety of backgrounds.

Cigar box guitars
November 24, 2014

For most of his adult life Bruce Lee Rose has been making traditional string instruments at his home in Neenah. A serious accident to his right hand, however, changed his life.

July 7, 2014

“Frankie Fatale”, “Sugah Poney” and “Zooey Deschanhell” skate for Madison’s roller derby team, “The Mad Wreckin’ Dolls”. They embrace the rough and tumble alt sport...