Why Do People Wear Cheeseheads?

Many Wisconsinites have personal reasons for plopping giant triangles of yellow foam on their heads or wearing wedge earrings to every Wisconsin sporting event — from football to baseball. But let’s go back to the beginning, to one of the first times a person cut up a piece of foam, declared it cheese and wore it on their head.

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Wisconsin Life # 703: Collaborative Spirit

Wisconsin Life host Angela Fitzgerald joins Black Arts MKE Performing Arts Summer Camp as they create live theater from scratch.  Over the course of four weeks, Milwaukee youth ages 12 to 18 write the script, songs, audition, create the set and even some of the costume pieces.

A Day In The Life Of The UW Marching Band

On a cloudy, balmy weekday afternoon, the University of Wisconsin-Madison marching band was preparing for something a quarter of them had never done before: perform at Camp Randall Stadium. The Badgers’ first home game was days away.

Wisconsin Life # 702: Sawmills, Skiers and Stratocasters

Wisconsin Life host Angela Fitzgerald hits the water of Plum Lake with the Plum Ski-ters Water Ski Show Team during a practice session. The ski team performs weekly during the summer providing an entertaining evening of gravity-defying stunts from one-person routines to large group pyramids.

New Berlin Artist Turns Text Into Art

Nina Ghanbarzadeh understands the power of words. “You can elevate someone with your words. You can crush someone with your words. Words have this great power. They are great tools,” she says.

Wisconsin Life # 701: Headfirst

Wisconsin Life host Angela Fitzgerald visits the yards of Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding to see how the legacy of shipbuilding continues in Sturgeon Bay. She talks with supervisor of skilled trades Joel Kaczmarowski, welder Gabriel Host-Jablonski and steel fitter Kylie Owen.

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