What Do All The Symbols On The Wisconsin State Flag Mean?

Here’s a classic joke: A miner, a sailor and a badger walk into a busy bar. Actually, it’s not a bar…it’s the Wisconsin state flag. Dive in to find out what all the symbols mean on this state symbol.

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The Power Of The Healing Circle Run

The Anishinaabe Solidarity Relay began in 1989. It was a response to racism and hatred directed towards Ojibwe people at boat landings and elsewhere after hunting and fishing treaty rights were affirmed by United States Supreme Court.

Eau Claire Violinist’s Musical Journey

Music is considered by some to be the universal language. A language Rose Vincent has been in tune with for most of her life. “I was 12 years old and my parents said, ‘Well, you get to choose your instrument,'” Vincent said.

Preserving India’s Folk Music Roots On Vinyl

Ankur Malhotra splits his time between Madison, Wisconsin and New Delhi India, where he runs Amarrass Records. It’s an independent record label that produces vinyl releases from a range of international artists with a strong focus on preserving traditional Indian folk music.

Taking Care Of The Land: Hard Work And Ethical Dilemmas

Taking care of the land can be a huge responsibility, chock-full of hard work and ethical dilemmas. Writer Bill Lueders shares his own experience in managing his property. == A little more than a decade ago, my wife and I acquired a thirteen-acre parcel of mostly wooded land in Richland County.

Oostburg Man Keeps the Dutch Art of Wooden Shoe Carving Alive

As a kid, Luke Traver whittled wood. Little did he know that wood carving was his future. Traver explains, in college, “I’d met a guy named Bob Siegel who was a master wooden shoe carver, who taught me how to carve.” Fourteen years later Luke is now a master carver, demonstrating the centuries-old art of wooden shoe carving at events all over the country.

Conquering Hip Breaker Hill

The morning was already hot and humid as we pedaled out of Perrot State Park.  The mercury had passed 80 on its way into the mid 90s, but my thoughts were focused on one thing: what do they mean by “Hip Breaker Hill?” On my biking cue sheet it’s singled out with an exclamation point.

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