Naturalist John Bates Can Guide You To The Best Old-Growth Forest In Wisconsin

WXPR reporter Mackenzie Martin heads to an old-growth forest with naturalist John Bates to answer this Curious North question: Are there any old-growth sections or oldest trees known in the area that are secreted away that the general public doesn’t know about?

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Basketball Is The Hook At Mentoring Positives

For Will Green, who grew up poor at the end of the steel mill area in Gary, Indiana, basketball was a way out. “I had a great coach and he just always taught us that what you do in life is how you’re going to be as a basketball player,” says Green.

Organ Donor Gives Kidney To Total Stranger

One day, Missy Makinia was on Facebook when something caught her attention. There was a little girl in her town of Ladysmith, Wisconsin who needed a kidney. “My daughter look at me and said, ‘You know mom, you would match up with her blood type,’ Makinia said.

Cumberland Painter Learns To Control Alcohol Ink

Jan Killian has always loved nature. “I was the kid that somebody would find a bug in our house, ‘Oh, there’s a beetle here,’ and I’d yell, ‘Don’t kill it!’ and I’d be running over and I’d grab it and I’d put it outside,” Killian says.

At Home in the Ten Chimneys Estate

Whimsical, colorful and dramatic are just a few ways to describe the Ten Chimneys Estate nestled in the woods outside Genesee Depot in Waukesha County. The estate was once owned by theater royalty Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, America’s first couple of theater.

The Braided Life: Las Trenzas de Quetzali

The connection between a grandmother and her granddaughter — and mother and daughter — is special, especially when it’s bound by braids. Writer Araceli Esparza tells us more about it in the story, “Braided Life.” == Braided Life Everyone Everywhere wears their hair differently.

Wisconsin Life # 706: Fortitude

Wisconsin Life host Angela Fitzgerald Angela heads to West Bend to embrace the wildlife at the Shalom Wildlife Zoo. The zoo’s focus is to preserve the animals’ natural ecosystem while providing an educational experience.

The Hello Girls Of WWI: Heroes On The Front Lines

Way before cell phones, there were these things called telephones. And in the early days, a telephone call required a switchboard operator to make the connection. Writer Meg Jones tells the story a group of switchboard operators whose skill and courage on the front lines helped the US win World War I.

Madison Arborist Utilizes Surprising Techniques

Evan Slocum is a one-of-a-kind arborist. “I think the way that I do things is pretty different,” Slocum says, referring to both his tactics and equipment. “I try to keep it as simple as I can while being efficient.” Slocum has been a tree expert for a number of years, even spending time pruning trees for the New York City Parks Department: “Very archaic techniques there.

Stitching A Niche With Stoles

White, green, purple, red. Melinda Halom knows her church colors and the corresponding seasons. Halom is a part-time pastor at Bethel Lutheran Church in New Auburn. However, it’s her other job that is attracting attention.

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