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| August 18, 2017
The violence in Charlottesville has many people thinking about racism. Parth Shah spent a little less than a year in Wisconsin as part of a fellowship. Recent events led him to reflect on his time in Madison and an event that he can't - and hasn't - forgotten. 
| August 18, 2017
Before Martha Stewart and Ina Garten, there was Lizzie Kander and The Settlement Cookbook. 
| August 16, 2017
Can a cemetery reveal something about the culture of a place? Matt Geiger thinks so. His travels around the country have led him to a theory about Midwestern graveyards.
| August 11, 2017
Linda Pils looks forward to a week up north with her grandkids every year. When the girls found out it was Pils’ wedding anniversary… they planned a special surprise.
| August 9, 2017
One hundred years ago, Wisconsin went to war. In partnership with the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, we’re exploring stories of Wisconsin men and women in World War I. Milwaukee’s John Haddock enlisted and was sent to France… where he was given a job that terrified him.
| August 7, 2017
Oshkosh artist Jon Wos learns to cope with a rare disease through a series of self-portraits.
Fabric designer at loom
| August 4, 2017
With the ever increasing demand for energy, textile designer Marianne Fairbanks and chemist Trisha Andrews are working on a prototype to weave fabric into solar cells to harness the sun’s energy. Your beach umbrella could soon charge your tablet. See how they came up with the eco-friendly design.
Son and father in workshop
| August 4, 2017
Scott Watzlawick has always had a passion for the bizarre. He turned his impressive oddities collection into a small store in Appleton.
| August 4, 2017
Patti See first fell in love with baking as a child. And it’s what still connects her with her mother.
Comic strip artist introduces animated version
| August 2, 2017
The creator of the Wisconsin Life comic strip “Something About a Flower,” Rodney Lambright II gives a brief introduction to “Something About a Flower,” as the strip moves from print to the world of animation.
| August 2, 2017
Carly Schuna fell in love with the German Wheel at a juggling festival. Her devotion led her to help found a space for circus arts in Madison that has attracted a wide variety of people and interests. Silke Schmidt went to discover this unique community of athletes.
School bus as a deer stand
| July 26, 2017
Jesse Kauffman wanted a way to see over the brush on his family farm while deer hunting. The answer? Convert an old school bus into a deer stand.
| July 26, 2017
Is there anywhere better than the pool on a hot summer day? Allyson Loomis tells us about the carefree community that forms around her city pool.
Fish carved from wood
| July 25, 2017
Roger Newhouse has gained notoriety for his world class fish carvings.
| July 21, 2017
Polka is celebration; it’s community; it’s family. It’s also our official state dance. And perhaps no town in Wisconsin is as polka mad as Pulaski. Shawn Connelly brought his dancing shoes to the four-day Pulaski Polka Days festival.
Meet Angela Fitzgerald - New Host Of Wisconsin Life
| July 20, 2017
The new season of Wisconsin Life on Wisconsin Public Television offers plenty to get excited about! New adventures await, bringing us closer to the people and places that make our state such a great place to live and explore.
Totagatic River
| July 19, 2017
Like many of us, Eric Dregni headed off to camp in northern Wisconsin as a kid. There, his camp counselor challenged them a legendary paddle that Dregni remembers well to this day.
bowling pin
| July 14, 2017
Bowling may be the sport that made Milwaukee famous. But it was another Wisconsin town that supplied a key ingredient to the sport – the pins.
Luis and Lupita Montoto in audio booth at Spanish-language radio station
| July 12, 2017
Scan the AM dial in the Madison area and if you hear Spanish being spoken it's likely to either Luis or Lupita Montoto, the husband and wife behind La Movida, the state's first Spanish-language station.