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| June 23, 2017
Spring Green has a lot going for it. It’s one of the reasons Marnie Dresser loves living there, though sometimes, dealing with the tourists leaves a bit to be desired.
| June 21, 2017
Linda Pils grew up in the center of the universe – New York City – or so she thought until she made her home in Wisconsin.
Family-owned shoe store providing customer service
| June 16, 2017
Mother and son, Arlene and James McDaniel keep the downtown Grafton shoe store started by Arlene's dad in 1946 running today. Arlene manages the sales and James uses the cobbler skills taught to him by his grandfather to keep footwear in fine repair.  It's the kind of small home town business hard to find today, but surviving and thriving on old-fashioned service.
| June 16, 2017
Jazz legend Joan Wildman doesn’t perform much anymore. But she’s made indelible mark on the students she taught at UW-Madison and the people who've heard her perform, like Dean Robbins, who tells us about this remarkable artist.
| June 14, 2017
Bicycling in Wisconsin in the 1890s was called “the most independent, healthful, rapid, and convenient mode of travel.” As part of our ongoing look at objects from Wisconsin’s past, Tom Rademacher tells us about the Kenosha-made Sterling Safety Bicycle and how biking helped reshape Wisconsin’s landscape.
| June 9, 2017
Bill Mattison fell in love with the circus as a kid in the 1930s. Though many of us joke about running away to join the circus, Bill actually did it. Though a career in the circus wasn’t for him, Bill channeled his love into lovingly crafted miniatures that fill his Madison home.
| June 8, 2017
It's Father's Day and Rose's present leaves her Dad wondering.
| June 7, 2017
One hundred years ago, Wisconsin went to war. In partnership with the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, we’re exploring stories from Wisconsin men and women who served. Today, John Haddock, a Milwaukee native, tells us about his enlistment and training. The tape quality isn’t great so you’ll hear his voice transition to Peter Sobol reading from the transcript along with oral historian Ellen Brooks.
| June 5, 2017
TimeSlips Creative Storytelling is a program based on the therapeutic power of stories.
| June 2, 2017
Nature and writing have a long history. Rebekah Morrisson is following in that tradition building worlds with her words and trails with her physical labor.
| May 31, 2017
Isabella came to St. John’s on the Lake in Milwaukee after she injured her leg in a gardening accident. It was a tough transition, says Angie Crimmings, one of the caregivers at St. John's.
| May 26, 2017
Carlos Rodriguez is a TimeSlips facilitator at St. Ann's Center for Intergenerational Care in Milwaukee. Rodriguez is also a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
| May 24, 2017
For several years now, kids and seniors in Lodi have played games, painted, sung songs, and read stories together as part of an intergenerational program at the Good Samaritan Center.
| May 19, 2017
You know how some people can go to a thrift store or a garage sale and find the most amazing things? With garage sale and flea market season upon us, Katie Venit has a few tips for tackling the East Hill Neighborhood Thrift Sale in Eau Claire.
| May 17, 2017
Many of us have an affinity for certain trees. For Robert Root, it’s an oak that welcomed him to a section of the Ice Age Trail near his home.
| May 12, 2017
Rose gets ready for Mother's Day.
| May 12, 2017
No one wants to have an encounter with a bear – well most of us anyway. But a run in with a bear and her cubs gave Carol Dunbar a different view of mothering.
| May 10, 2017
Wisconsin has more than 800 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. Since the early 19th century, Wisconsin’s maritime communities have routinely faced storms that could destroy businesses, towns, and lives. Wisconsin Historical Museum curator Dave Driscoll brings us the story of a lifesaving medal given for bravery in the face of disaster.
| May 5, 2017
There’s something about particular landscapes that can really get into your soul. For Ed Erdmann, it’s the Mississippi. He’s spent his life crisscrossing its shores, and finds himself returning to it again and again.
| May 3, 2017
There are many ways to bike Wisconsin. Kitt Healy enumerates an itinerary for biking the southwestern part of our state.