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Emily Julka

Emily Julka is a producer and storyteller for the “Wisconsin Life” project. She tries to make the best of all four seasons in Wisconsin, and considers the Upper Peninsula of Michigan “definitely part of our state.”

Mary Pokorney-Donelan

Mary Pokorney-Donelan is a reporter for the “Wisconsin Life” project who is also the producer of the film series “Director’s Cut.” When she’s not rewatching every episode of “The Great British Bake Off” over and over again, you can find her hiking and fishing with her family across the state of Wisconsin.

Alana Watson

Alana Watson is a transplant from Nashville, TN and is Wisconsin Public Radio’s 2nd Century News Fellow. She loves exploring Milwaukee, eating all of the food at the Milwaukee Public Market, and working out after.

Corrinne Hess

Corri Hess is the Milwaukee reporter for Wisconsin Public Radio. She has been on a mission to find the state’s best nachos.

Rob Mentzer

Rob Mentzer is a Wisconsin Public Radio reporter based in Wausau. A central Illinois native, he’s lived in Wisconsin since 2007. This year he developed numerous detailed opinions about the proper methods of chopping and stacking firewood – so, yes, he’s become a true Wisconsinite.

Alex Peek

Alex Peek is a film student at Columbia College Chicago and 2019 graduate of Madison East High School. When not involved in her studies, you can find her either exploring downtown Chicago, working on crew for the next theater event she could get her hands on or hanging out with friends.

Courtney Everett

Courtney Everett is a producer for “The Morning Show” on Wisconsin Public Radio. She made the trek from Illinois, where she grew up, just for the cheese.

Inside Stories

Storytelling has a way of amplifying voices and lowering fences in our communities. “Inside Stories” podcast explores Madison one story at a time. In each episode, Takeyla Benton and Jen Rubin feature a story that was told in front of an audience in Madison, then interview the storyteller to dig deeper into the story and how they crafted it.

Victoria Davis

Victoria Davis is a multi-media freelance journalist for publications across the U.S. such as Isthmus, Capital Times, SDNews and Hidden Remote. A city girl through-and-through, Victoria loves all things arts and entertainment.

Jane Genske

Jane Genske is the Wisconsin Life/Wisconsin 101 intern for summer 2019. She’s a true Sconnie because she loves a day on the lake and a brat on the grill.

Clara Neupert

Clara Neupert grew up in Beloit. She attends UW-Eau Claire, where she is also an intern at Wisconsin Public Radio. She has a sinking suspicion that she’s developing lactose intolerance — an unfortunate condition in the dairy state.

MG21 High School Students

During the 2018-2019 school year, Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School, or MG21, high school students created radio pieces for Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Wisconsin Life.” The final stories were featured on the radio and online through the “Classroom Frequency: Student Voices From Wisconsin” project.

Kristen Durst

Kristen Durst works in community relations. She’s a contributor to Wisconsin Life and a former Wisconsin Public Radio host and reporter.

Mary Kate McCoy

Mary Kate McCoy is a digital content producer at Wisconsin Public Radio. A lifelong Wisconsinite, she’s an enthusiastic euchre player and biker. In her free time, you can usually find her with a book or playing just one more game of ping pong.

John K. Wilson

John K. Wilson is a digital news editor at Wisconsin Public Radio and host of the WPR Politics Podcast. He also goes curling on Sunday nights and falls asleep in meetings if he hasn’t had enough tiny americanos.

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