How Did Wisconsin Get Its Name? It’s Complicated.

It turns out "How Wisconsin got its name" is a somewhat tricky question to answer. But what we do know, is that it came from the Algonquian language family — spoken by tribes in Wisconsin like the Menominee, Ojibwe, Potawatomi and Mohican.

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Wisconsin Life # 708: Driving Passions

In Kenosha, the library comes to you! Wisconsin Life host Angela Fitzgerald renews her love of reading by checking out the Kenosha Public Library Bookmobile. To learn about how this program got its start, Angela talks with the library’s outreach coordinator, Jill Miatech.

Steven Salmon: The Tapping Author

Every author has their own way of writing — they get in the zone, channel their creativity, and then (hopefully!) words start flowing onto the page or screen. There’s a writer in Madison that does this by writing in Morse code.

Wisconsin Life # 707: Living Legacy

Wisconsin Life host Angela Fitzgerald celebrates Dutch heritage with a trip to the Little Chute Windmill. She gets to see the authentic 1850s-esque construction firsthand, in a living piece of history.

Basketball Is The Hook At Mentoring Positives

For Will Green, who grew up poor at the end of the steel mill area in Gary, Indiana, basketball was a way out. “I had a great coach and he just always taught us that what you do in life is how you’re going to be as a basketball player,” says Green.

Organ Donor Gives Kidney To Total Stranger

One day, Missy Makinia was on Facebook when something caught her attention. There was a little girl in her town of Ladysmith, Wisconsin who needed a kidney. “My daughter look at me and said, ‘You know mom, you would match up with her blood type,’ Makinia said.

Cumberland Painter Learns To Control Alcohol Ink

Jan Killian has always loved nature. “I was the kid that somebody would find a bug in our house, ‘Oh, there’s a beetle here,’ and I’d yell, ‘Don’t kill it!’ and I’d be running over and I’d grab it and I’d put it outside,” Killian says.

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