What Do All The Symbols On The Wisconsin State Flag Mean?

Here’s a classic joke: A miner, a sailor and a badger walk into a busy bar. Actually, it’s not a bar…it’s the Wisconsin state flag. Dive in to find out what all the symbols mean on this state symbol.

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Sandblasting Mugs With GinGee Girls

People attending comic cons can expect to meet their favorite comic book creators, hear talks from famous actors in popular sci-fi movies and TV shows, and dress up in cosplay. And no convention is complete without a wide range of vendors filling booths and booths of stuff.

Greek Fest Plus Celebrates Food, Community & Heritage

On Madison’s near east side, the final weekend in July is rung in with bouzouki music and baklava-fueled joy. Assumption Greek Orthodox Church has hosted the city’s longest-running ethnic festival, Greek Fest Plus, for the past 55 years thanks to the enthusiasm of the wider community and the dedication of their multi-ethnic parishioners.

Wisconsin 101: Babcock Ice Cream Carton

When you see a carton of ice cream from Babcock Hall Dairy Plant, it’s not particularly flashy. It’s red, white, and black. Bucky Badger appears next to a sticker that tells you the flavor — maybe its Blue Moon, Orange Custard Chocolate Chip, or Vanilla.

The Power Of The Healing Circle Run

The Anishinaabe Solidarity Relay began in 1989. It was a response to racism and hatred directed towards Ojibwe people at boat landings and elsewhere after hunting and fishing treaty rights were affirmed by United States Supreme Court.

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