How Did Wisconsin Get Its Name? It’s Complicated.

It turns out "How Wisconsin got its name" is a somewhat tricky question to answer. But what we do know, is that it came from the Algonquian language family — spoken by tribes in Wisconsin like the Menominee, Ojibwe, Potawatomi and Mohican.

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What is THE Wisconsin Cocktail?

When you think about a cocktail that embodies Wisconsin, what comes to mind? We posed that question to a few bartenders across Wisconsin. These are their responses. From supper clubs to cocktail lounges to dive bars, chances are you can find an Old Fashioned just about anywhere in Wisconsin.

Slingin’ Drinks: Bartending At La Crosse’s Iconic Del’s Bar

In a city with never-ending bar options, Del’s Bar in La Crosse sticks out. It’s been open since 1933 in a historic brick building downtown. Step inside on any given day and you’ll find regulars who have been coming in for 40 years, college students and tourists chatting with each other around the oval shaped bar.

A Tour Of The Spring Sky

Spring heralds earlier dawns and later sunsets. The change of season also brings a whole new set of constellations into view, including some of the oldest constellations we know. Commentator Jim Lattis takes on a tour of the spring night sky.

The Grand Canyon, Al Capone, And My Mom

Here’s a tale about a northern Wisconsin family’s supposed encounter with gangsters. Norman Gilliland found the connections in a family legend. == Not long ago, by chance, I discovered the link between three things from my childhood—the Grand Canyon, Al Capone, and my mom.

Filling The Church With Song For Over 80 Years

For nearly eight decades, one Wisconsin farm girl has followed the music along the back roads of the bluffs high above the banks of the Mississippi. As the sun rises on Sunday morning, catching the mist off the alfalfa, a pick-up truck crisscrosses the farmland on its way to morning services.

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