What Do All The Symbols On The Wisconsin State Flag Mean?

Here’s a classic joke: A miner, a sailor and a badger walk into a busy bar. Actually, it’s not a bar…it’s the Wisconsin state flag. Dive in to find out what all the symbols mean on this state symbol.

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Oostburg Man Keeps the Dutch Art of Wooden Shoe Carving Alive

As a kid, Luke Traver whittled wood. Little did he know that wood carving was his future. Traver explains, in college, “I’d met a guy named Bob Siegel who was a master wooden shoe carver, who taught me how to carve.” Fourteen years later Luke is now a master carver, demonstrating the centuries-old art of wooden shoe carving at events all over the country.

Conquering Hip Breaker Hill

The morning was already hot and humid as we pedaled out of Perrot State Park.  The mercury had passed 80 on its way into the mid 90s, but my thoughts were focused on one thing: what do they mean by “Hip Breaker Hill?” On my biking cue sheet it’s singled out with an exclamation point.

Classroom Frequency: Student Voices From Wisconsin

When I took on the role as host and producer of “Wisconsin Life” on Wisconsin Public Radio, I wanted to incorporate more young voices on the program. So at the beginning of the school year, I teamed up with teachers and students at Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School, or MG21.

For The Love Of Military History

When you walk into a classroom at Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School, there’s one desk that stands out. It’s lined with vintage military helmets, all purchased by MG21 student Harrison Farnam.

The Poetry And Music Of Coyote Johnson

Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School sophomore Coyote Johnson does everything. She sings, plays guitar, draws intricate sketches, and she writes poetry in a notebook she carries everywhere. For this radio project, Coyote wanted to share some of her poems and music.

Why Do We Need Charter Schools?

Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School junior Dante Murray really wants to talk about school. Before he came to MG21 his sophomore year, he struggled at the traditional public school. “I didn’t really find point in doing a lot of the stuff that they were assigning,” said Dante.

A Political Awakening: Jasnen Valencia On Immigration

The following story is about a high school student experiencing a political awakening. Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School senior Jasnen Valencia, also known as Jaz, wrote the following letter to Senator Tammy Baldwin for one of her classes: Dear Senator Baldwin, The government should allow immigrants a path to citizenship.

The Music Of Circe Johnson

Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School freshman Circe Johnson expresses herself through poetry and music. She wanted to share a couple of songs she’s recently written on guitar about overcoming some tough times in her life.

A Day In The Life Of Calvin Renard

Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School junior Calvin Renard is a talented artist and likes to work with his hands. MG21 teacher Ian Lowe recorded Calvin doing the things he loves to do at school — play basketball, create metal work, draw, and spray-paint.

Living With Childhood Grief

Monona Grove Liberal Arts Charter School student Abbie Pochel reflects on her journey of finding out her father had pancreatic cancer, his treatment, and the spread of his cancer. In this heart wrenching essay, she talks about going to Camp Kesem, where she made new friends who could relate her experience.

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