An Exciting Development, CRISPR Lets UW-Madison Researchers Edit Genes

In the last decade, scientists have made incredible strides in understanding the world around us. From taking the first photo of a black hole to unearthing new fossils that better map the human family tree, these discoveries are often awe-inspiring. CRISPR is one of those discoveries. 

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One Final Jump for “Jump Around Wisconsin”

After weeks of helping distract and entertain people during the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Jump Around Wisconsin” movement held its last official statewide gathering. Saturday, May 23rd at 3:00 PM, radio stations around the state broadcast the final “Jump Around Wisconsin” event as part of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Artist Zhalarina Sanders Explores Love, Identity With ‘The Light’

Zhalarina Sanders is an artist who does it all. Her craft is steeped in theater and music — so lyricist, music composer, instrumentalist, playwright, actor and graphic and visual artist. And now, Zhalarina’s helped create a trio of autobiographical music videos through a PBS Wisconsin digital project called “The Light.”

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