Who Was Leonard Schmitt, The Man Who Ran Against Joseph McCarthy?

In 1952, Leonard Schmitt ran against controversial Senator Joseph McCarthy on the Republican ticket in Wisconsin...and lost. We recently received a WHYsconsin question from a listener who wanted to know more about Schmitt, the attorney who campaigned on a platform of decency. Liz Dohms-Harter brings us the story of a man who rebuked the division and chaos that defined McCarthyism.

This story is part of Wisconsin Life and WPR's WHYsconsin project. What have you always wondered about Wisconsin, its people or its culture that you want WHYsconsin to look into? You ask the questions, and we find the answers!


Wisconsin 101: Jolly Good Soda

What’s the first drink you think of when you hear the crack and fizz of a can opening? A Pepsi? A Miller Lite? Or, do you think of a Jolly Good soda, a drink that has its roots right here in Wisconsin?

Tomahawk Circle: An Ojibwe Family Band

For the members of Tomahawk Circle, playing in a rural family band is a labor of love. Founded in 2006, the Lac Du Flambeau Ojibwe drum group got its name from the street on which the founding members grew up.

Saving The Music: Producer Cheryl Pawelski Preserves Historical Recordings

Cheryl Pawelski says she born “hardwired” to love music because of the musicians in her family, including her father and grandmother. Growing up in Milwaukee near 68th Street and Oklahoma Avenue, she found an even deeper connection to music – especially through collecting records, purchasing her first two 45s on a trip to Gimbels Department Store with her grandmother.

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