Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is when we honor our mothers and our roots. Commentator Dao Chang never knew her mother. Born in Laos but raised in Two Rivers, Chang traveled halfway around the world to find her family, her heritage, and the mother she never knew.

Mexican-American Artist Brings Unique Perspective Of Rural Experience

The best art criticism comes from the proper perspective. You need to understand where the artist is coming from, but you can’t be so close you can’t see the flaws. “So I sit in this chair and I’m sort of just staring at the work and trying to imagine myself as a viewer who has never looked at the work before,” says Rafael Francisco Salas.

A Walk With A Wisconsin Rabologist

If you have ever gone for a walk in the woods, it’s likely you found a nice long slender branch along the path to use as a walking stick. Chances are you left your stick by the side of the trail when your hike was finished.

The Chordettes, Sheboygan’s Singing Sensations

I’ve always imagined Wisconsin in the 1950s as an extraordinarily innocent place. What other conclusion can I draw after hearing the Chordettes? The Chordettes were a female vocal quartet formed by college friends in Sheboygan.

Kayaking The Mississippi Backwaters

As Maureen McCollum begins her new journey as the producer of Wisconsin Life, we thought it’d be fun to revisit some of our favorite pieces that have aired over the last eight years.

You Can’t Go Home

Returning to your hometown after a long absence can be disappointing. But if you look hard enough, it’s possible to find the peace you once knew when it was your home.

WWI – Hortence Troutman, Nurse

One hundred years ago, Wisconsin went to war. In partnership with the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, we’re exploring stories of Wisconsin men and women in World War I, curated by oral historian Ellen Brooks. 

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