Kite Flying In The Snow

Spring is here and the sight of kids flying kites at the park is a common scene. But have you ever flown a kite in the snow? Bruce Stewart has.


Critters invading a home is always annoying. But rats, well that’s something else altogether. Jill Quinn shares her experience.

Wildest Dreams

Sometimes just taking a few steps away from the buildings and cars of urban sprawl can reveal a break from the concrete and asphalt where a river can find its way.

The Cabin Up North

When I moved here six years ago from Nebraska, I was prepared for the Packers, the cheese, and the snow.  I wasn’t prepared for the jargon.  What were cabins, cottages, lake houses, and places “up north”?

Rethinking Ownership

Twenty-five years ago, we moved onto our 1 1/2 acres just outside Manitowoc city limits and took Ownership of the land. What once was a sandy-soiled Wisconsin potato farm was now a grassy lawn dotted with trees tall and small planted by some previous owner.

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