Wisconsin River Camping

I start to feel the calm as soon as I hop out of the car and see the moving water of the Wisconsin River glittering in the sunshine. I take in the smell of water, decaying vegetation and the faint aroma of fish and the calm spreads from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

Princeton Flea Market: 4:00 AM

On any given weekend, bargain hunters, treasure seekers, and curious consumers are lured into one of the many flea markets in Wisconsin. The bazaars also attract a diverse group of sellers and vendors.

Volunteers Make Lake Michigan Trail Bloom

Mariner’s Trail is a public recreational path that runs between Manitowoc and Two Rivers. The five and a half miles stretch out along the Lake Michigan shore. On any given day bikers, inline skaters, joggers and moms with baby strollers can be seen using the pathway.

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