What is THE Wisconsin Song?

Is there a song that represents or unifies the state? Is it 'On, Wisconsin!'? Bon Iver? Liberace? We got music journalists and historians to weigh in.

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The Lands We Share: Danell Cross & Metcalfe Park Legacy Garden

Metcalfe Park Legacy Garden in Milwaukee has transformed several vacant lots into a vibrant place for community gatherings and education. The garden is overseen by the Metcalfe Park Community Bridges organization and GroundWork Milwaukee, which provides modest stipends for neighborhood kids to work on the garden in the summer months.

Comedian Brings Dorkdom, Stand-Up Back To Milwaukee

Jackie Kashian fell hard for comedy while attending University of Wisconsin-Madison, but the elements were there while growing up in South Milwaukee….NOT Milwaukee. “I have been explaining to people that South Milwaukee is its own town in between Cudahy and Oak Creek with its own water treatment plant.

Ice Fishing Joins The World Of High School Sports

A classic Wisconsin activity is making its ways into the world of high school sports. Ice fishing teams are popping up in schools across the state. January 5th marked the first high school ice fishing tournament of 2019 at Bone Lake in Luck, Wisconsin.

Sister’s Accordion Sparks Mother’s Ire

January is National Polka Month. And what better place to commemorate this iconic sound than in Wisconsin, where the polka is our state dance? To celebrate, poet Susan Firer shares a poem about her sister’s accordion and her mother’s irritation.

The Full Moon Faux Pas

The super blood wolf moon is coming! While this sounds creepy, it’s actually just a close-up lunar eclipse that turns the moon red from the Earth’s shadow. As people prepare to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon early next week, it got writer Chris Hardie reflecting on another type of spectacle: his very own full moon faux pas.

Musician Adapts To Limb Difference, Works With Kids

Tony Memmel is a Waukesha native who is living his passion: a career in music.  He plays guitar and piano, writes and records his original music, tours the country playing gigs, and works with kids – teaching music and spreading his message of positivity and perseverance. 

The Lands We Share: Drew Dettmann

In the 1950s, there were over 100,000 dairy farms in Wisconsin. Today, fewer than 10,000 remain. The Dettmann family, descendants of German immigrants, established a small dairy farm in Johnson Creek in 1902.

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