Kite Flying In The Snow

Spring is here and the sight of kids flying kites at the park is a common scene. But have you ever flown a kite in the snow? Bruce Stewart has.


Critters invading a home is always annoying. But rats, well that’s something else altogether. Jill Quinn shares her experience.

Wildest Dreams

Sometimes just taking a few steps away from the buildings and cars of urban sprawl can reveal a break from the concrete and asphalt where a river can find its way.

The Cabin Up North

When I moved here six years ago from Nebraska, I was prepared for the Packers, the cheese, and the snow.  I wasn’t prepared for the jargon.  What were cabins, cottages, lake houses, and places “up north”?

Rethinking Ownership

Twenty-five years ago, we moved onto our 1 1/2 acres just outside Manitowoc city limits and took Ownership of the land. What once was a sandy-soiled Wisconsin potato farm was now a grassy lawn dotted with trees tall and small planted by some previous owner.

Somewhere Down the Line

In 1954, my older brother took the train to Junction City.  Two years later, I traveled by bus to the Marshfield Zoo.  I’ll never know what possessed our kindergarten teacher to amend the field trip itinerary during that two-year interval. 

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