Audio | January 18, 2017
Casting is the first and perhaps most important part of a production. It’s not – as you might imagine – without its hurt feelings and anger. But Jane Jeffries reminds us of the importance of every role – large and small – to the story.
Audio | November 25, 2016
Corin Reilly always wanted to be an actor. He found a way to live his dream as part of Encore Studios, a theater company for people with disabilities.  "I began acting when I was 18 years old," says Reilly. 
Audio | September 16, 2016
Few people win one Pulitzer Prize. Madison-born Thornton Wilder won three, including one for the seminal play, “Our Town.” Wilder’s nephew Tappan Wilder tells us about his uncle.
Audio | September 2, 2016
The Pulitzer Prizes turn 100 this year. We’re honoring the occasion with a look at five winners with Wisconsin ties.
Audio | July 8, 2015
Milwaukee-based actor Ron Scot Fry has been traveling around the world introducing kids to Shakespeare for years. He tells us how he fell in love with the Bard and why he thinks Shakespeare is particularly relevant for kids.