Japanese Fine Artist
Video | November 24, 2016
Japanese Artist Manabu Ikeda creates a mind-boggling world within a world of minute detail in his landscape art. It took him three years to complete a 13x10 feet masterpiece while finishing just four square inches a day. His painstaking detail became even more amazing after he dislocated his right shoulder, forcing him to paint with his left arm in the middle of his project.
Audio | March 11, 2015
Twenty-plus years ago, I fell in love with Wisconsin on my bike. At the time, me on a bicycle was a visual oxymoron.
boy photographed for Perimeter project
Audio | January 30, 2015
Photographer Kevin Miyazaki spent 13 days driving the 1800-mile perimeter of Lake Michigan.
Audio | January 31, 2014
Rocks are the backbone of the Penokee Range. Washburn-based photographer Bob Gross is trying to give these not often seen pieces of the land a close up.