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Audio | March 22, 2017
A school field trip led Rosalind Vang to a strange place – a house filled with mannequins. She tells us about the house and what caught her eye.
Audio | March 15, 2017
When the snow is mostly gone and the days start to feel longer, there’s one part of winter that tends to stubbornly hang on. Mike Paulus tells us about his – and our – battle with our icy foe.
Audio | March 10, 2017
The flag out front was the first thing most people noticed and remembered. Abigail Kempf tells us about her grandparents and what the flag meant to them and to her.
Audio | March 8, 2017
The lake in Lake Hallie is narrow and shallow but not without its excitement… especially when the ice freezes. Patti See tells the news from Lake Hallie. 
Video | March 7, 2017
Earl Holzman builds nyckelharpas, a traditional Swedish folk instrument.
Audio | February 24, 2017
The Le Maire sundial compass was the mid-18th century equivalent to today’s GPS. It was found near Green Bay in 1902 and recalls a time when Wisconsin was part of New France. The Neville Public Museum's Kevin Cullen has the story.
Audio | February 22, 2017
At camp, we often learn to swim, paddle a canoe, make candles, and perfect our s’more technique. Elaine Maly learned something else about herself and her place in the world because of the color of her skin. This story was produced in partnership with Ex Fabula.
Video | February 21, 2017
After three decades directing a choir, Mary Backus decided to form a different kind of music group for women who love to play the ukulele.
Audio | February 17, 2017
Anytime is booyah time in northeastern Wisconsin. But Chris Seroogy finds it particularly good when the snow flies.
Audio | February 15, 2017
It’s hard to imagine that any musician could be as prolific as Jay Anderson. The saxophonist performs nearly every night, has started his own record label, and grows his own food.
KC Williams
Video | February 10, 2017
Milwaukee musician K.C. Williams forges a career from country music to the classroom.
Audio | February 10, 2017
With long cold winters, many of us develop a deep and sometimes fraught relationship with our winter gear. Christi Clancy tells us about her struggle and search for new coat.
Audio | February 8, 2017
Major metropolitan areas have a lot of things going for them – great food, amazing museums, art, and music. But for all those wonders, there’s something else they can’t ever have. Katie Venit shares her story.
Audio | February 3, 2017
There are many things to enjoy about a frozen lake. For Patti See, it’s a bonfire built, improbably, on the frozen lake.
Audio | February 3, 2017
Rhinelander today has a fairly well known cross country ski program in its schools. But skiing has waxed and waned through the years.
Article | February 2, 2017
Article | February 1, 2017
Audio | February 1, 2017
Stokely Carmichael called her a “gutsy little sister.” Gwen Gillon became the youngest staff member of SNCC and participated in Freedom Summer.
Audio | January 27, 2017
To sell phonographic cabinets, a furniture business decided to start a record label. It became one of the leading producers of blues records in the 1920s and made pioneering recordings of some of the nation’s great musicians, including Louis Armstrong and Ma Rainey.
Seed Library
Video | January 24, 2017
Gardener and librarian Cindy Mischnick helped start La Crosse's Seed Library where patrons can "check out" seeds, plant them and return the new seeds to the library to keep the collection growing.